America's carousel conservator

Will Morton, America’s carousel conservator. Photo by Charles McNamara.

Share interesting stories

I help companies build a competitive advantage through the creation and sharing of non-promotional news and features that customers find interesting and valuable.

You realize customers are overloaded with information, promotions, global events, cell phone apps, aging parents and trying to squeeze in one more to-do item today; just like you.

The world is full of promotions and advertising. People don’t want more of the same. They want something they can believe in, enjoy and engage in. They would also appreciate some guidance from reliable sources; someone to explain; to keep them up to date.

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LuAnne Petramala

Case study – LuAnne Petramala stood facing the white steel contraption alone, not knowing how a mammogram was done. It was her first mammogram and, after today, she swore in silence, it would be her last. Photo by Charles McNamara.

Build customer trust

What information would be valuable to your customers?

Solutions to problems – what problems are your customers trying to solve related to your service?

Company background – humanize your business.

Fact sheets – how to, where to find. Be a resource.

Case studies – features that document a success as opposed to testimonials. Stories illustrating the proactive and positive relationships you have with your customers.

Industry research – third-party pieces from industry influencers.

Point out links to interesting and valuable sites.

Share your expertise – innovations, background in the development of a new product or service.         Features that call out the uniqueness of your products, service, and people.

Lists – everyone reads lists such as The Top Six Concerns….or Five reasons you should…

News — hard-edged business development stories — Awards, staff changes, legislative issues, law changes, community, or interest group support, fundraising

Reminders — Calendars, deadlines, price increases, events

Media relations – become a respected media source site with an online newsroom, fact sheets, downloadable photos, videos. Industry research. White papers. Case studies. Refer journalists to this portion of your site. They ‘d appreciate the help.

Invite me to discuss your stories at 720-951-0001 or email me at If our ideas aren’t worth a nickel, you won’t owe us a dime.

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