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Forever Wild. Forever Poor.

Journalist Alice Lansing’s beloved sister has tuberculosis. Alice takes responsibility to care for Kathryn until she is too sick and has to go to a tuberculosis sanitorium.
Soon after, Alice marries Emile St. Germain a miner and moves with him to Mineville. He dies from TB after working in the iron ore mine. Alice cannot stay at their company house so she decides to camp on land she owns at Eagle Lake.
She meets Adrian Levesque who helps her build a cabin and shows her how to survive in the woods. In order to earn a living, she takes a job writing for the American Guide Series chronicling the life stories of people who live in the Adirondacks at the turn of the century. By the time she is finished, the publisher runs out of funds and the project is canceled.
Alice decides to publish them on her own as installments in local newspapers. That summer, a forest fire wipes out the Eagle Lake area destroying her camp and the manuscripts. Adrian Levesque finds her and offers to share his hotel room in Schroon Lake. She continues researching life in the Adirondacks and writing

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Freezing to Death

Third Novel by Charles McNamara. 

The Italian mountain war remains today one of the least-known battlefields of the Great War. The destruction overwhelms. One hundred and fifty thousand dead. Twenty-one million wounded. The massive frontal assaults, the anonymous soldier, and faceless death. In subzero temperatures men dug miles of tunnels and caverns through glacial ice. They strung cableways up mountainsides and stitched rock faces with rope ladders to move soldiers onto the high peaks, then hauled up an arsenal of industrial warfare: heavy artillery and mortars, machine guns, poison gas and flamethrowers.

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Fiddler’s Lament

Second Novel by Charles McNamara. 

Ireland, 1860 – Fiddler’s Lament is the saga of a poor but gifted Irish fiddler who fights to hold onto every good thing in his life in the midst of the British Genocide.  His parents are killed, his fiddle is taken away, his childhood sweetheart is exiled to Canada. He survives the dangerous voyage to Canada, death in combat during the American Civil War, and imprisonment. His goal is to be accepted as a respected citizen of his new country, a position he could have never achieved in Ireland. His refusal to give up, and the clever ways he and his sweetheart approach their new life defines what, for them, is sacred and what is nonsense.

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Ineke’s Mitten

First novel by Charles McNamara

After Nazis kill his fiancé, a young Norwegian struggles to overcome grief and loneliness and leads the most daring nighttime raid in U.S. Army history against them. 

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New book Shining Light

Shining Light

By Charles McNamara

A collection of 22 revealing conversations, including black and white portraits, with people who share amazing stories about their lives. You will meet people such as John Shaffner – cowboy poet and chuck wagon cook, Will Morton – carousel conservator and Marjorie Lansing Porter – Adirondack ballads collector.


Short Stories

The Kiss of a Pansy

By |December 27th, 2021|

by Charles McNamara This year Grayson gave up searching for a birthday present for his wife. She had no more desires and asked for nothing. Man-made objects did not interest her. Alice had dementia. [...]

Tea for Two

By |January 7th, 2019|

By Charles McNamara The concierge, Earl Wattenberg, greeted Randolph Carter and showed him to a table in the elegant Tea Room of the Brown Palace Hotel. The ornate Tea Room was illuminated by a [...]


By |October 6th, 2018|

By Chas McNamara Riding the train back to my hometown, I’m holding a photo of my friends and me with my uncle Mando standing behind us. How carefree we were back then, close-knit and [...]

The Scent of Balsam

By |December 28th, 2017|

By Charles McNamara The aging woodsman hunted every inch of his cramped log cabin searching for his journal. Am I losing my mind? He moved boxes of cornmeal, rice, tea, coffee, flour, and salt [...]

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