Ineke’s Mitten: World War 2 action and adventure

///Ineke’s Mitten: World War 2 action and adventure

Ineke’s Mitten: World War 2 action and adventure

Tragedy and Triumph in World War II

After the Nazis kill his fiancé, a young Norwegian skier races to overcome grief and loneliness, avenging her death by leading the most daring nighttime raid in U.S. Army history.

Nels Torkle hides from German agents in Vermont before escaping to Colorado where he and a friend join the Tenth Mountain Division, an elite infantry unit training at elevations of ten thousand feet and higher. The Tenth Mountain is sent to the Apennine mountains of Northern Italy, where they find a way up the cliffs of Riva Ridge, surprising the Germans and sending them fleeing toward surrender.

CHARLES MCNAMARA was the publisher of Vail/Beaver Creek Magazine, near Camp Hale, Colorado, the birthplace of the Tenth Mountain Division. During his career as a journalist, he owned the Mountain Commuter, a monthly newsmagazine serving the residents of Evergreen, Colorado. He produced publications for the National Cattlemen’s Association, Children’s World Learning Center, Metropolitan State College and Manville among others.

Serving with the First, Second and Fourth Infantry Divisions, he was as an artillery officer and public affairs editor and was awarded the Ranger tab in 1970.

His first book Shining Light: Revealing Conversations with Dedicated People includes black and white portraits and in-depth interviews.

Invasion of Narvik, Norway,

Hiding in Vermont

Escape to Colorado

Training at Camp Hale

Leadville opera house

Mount of the Holy Cross

Assault on Riva Ridge

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