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Ineke’s Mitten Daybook

The trail to the Holy Cross

The original photograph by William Henry Jackson, 1873.   The aging priest stood alone on Horn Silver Mountain, near Shrine Pass, looking across the valley at the cross of snow. The winter cover had dripped down the Mount of the Holy Cross into the Bowl of Tears, giving the cross a background of bare granite crags. It glistened like gold in the morning sun. His prayer was that soon there should be a Catholic shrine on this spot from which to view the cross and that someday his Mount of the Holy Cross Pilgrimage would be there greatest annual religious [...]

Skiing in America popularized by Tenth Mountain Division WWII veterans

Early skiing using the rope tow at Snow Basin, Ogen, Utah. In 1945, before the 10th Mountain Division returned from Europe, the public had access to more than 150,000 Army surplus skis, boots, and poles. “The surplus equipment made it possible for the average person to go skiing,” according to David Little, Tenth Mountain historian and President of the 10th Mountain Division Living History Display Group. “That’s part of the reason for the skiing boom.” February 1945 - Tenth Mountain defeated Germans on Riva Ridge May 2, 1945 - Germans in Italy surrendered unconditionally, guarded by the Tenth Mountain. May 8, [...]

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